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15th Annual Rose Hill Cemetery Costumed Tour

15th Annual Rose Hill Cemetery Costumed Tour

Company of Storytellers, dressed in period costume, tell the stories of those buried there. From influential to scalawags, all are interred in Rose Hill and many of their stories are included on the tour. Meridian Founders, Lewis Ragsdale and John Ball, both claim to be THE Meridian Founder. It is thought that these two men argue throughout eternity. Gypsy Queen, Kelly Mitchell’s tragic story about the young woman and mother passing during childbirth, leaving her ten children motherless, will show the harshness of the times, without proper medical attention. The last two men hanged at Lauderdale County Courthouse teaches an important story about two young men and their lives destroyed by alcohol. And baby Emma, who succumbed from Yellow Fever, at the time from an unknown cure. But not all of the stories are sad. Virginia and Mary Shackelford (mother and daughter) bring laughter as they tell a few secrets, perhaps they shouldn’t but it spills out and attendees realize all of the people buried in Rose Hill Cemetery had everyday lives with hopes and fears, loves, laughter and mystery.
Note: Parking available at Calvary Baptist Church Parking lot, 3905 8th Street (across street from the cemetery).


Sep 30 2023


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Rose Hill Cemetery
701 40th Avenue, Meridian, MS 39307


Rose Hill Company